Only a pilot truly knows what other pilots want

Flightcell Aviator Supplies, a division of Flightcell NZ Ltd is proudly New Zealand owned and operated by a pilot, for pilots.

John, a Commercial Helicopter pilot started Flightcell in 1997 as he could see that there was a lack of support for Pilots looking to purchase high value items, this complemented an existing product that he had developed, the Flightcell, an interface for connecting cellular phones to headsets and helmets.
"Pilots would call me to purchase a Flightcell and then ask "Do you know where I can get a decent headset?" 

Over the years Flightcell Aviator Supplies has established an extensive network of 'aviation industry' contacts all over the world. Thanks to these relationships we are now Authorised Dealers for many of the most respected avionic brands available.

Can't find exactly what you're after?

If you have a question, need more detail on a product, or can't find the aviation gear you want, just get in touch.

The categories and lay-out within our online aviation shop is fairly self explanatory. And, where there is more than 1 option available we have listed them all (and any associated price changes) on the product detail pages within the shop. 

When it comes to a personal choice such as a custom helmet colour, or making a decision between a single or dual visor helmet, we suggest a discussion with Flightcell Aviator Supplies will ensure you receive the most suitable aviation equipment available.

Also, please ensure you complete all contact details when you fill out the purchase order form. That way, if need be, we can easily get together and talk things over.

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Want to see why Flightcell's unique communication products are taking the aviation world by storm?

Then visit our international website at Flightcell DZMx, Flightcell Iridium Phone Cradles are showcased on this site.

  • Bose -

    Bose are world renowned for their audio technology including the Bose Aviation Headset X with Acoustic Noise Cancelling®. The Flightcell Pro Bose model was specifically designed in association with Bose to provide a high quality audio interface for the premium Bose Aviation Headset.

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  • Iridium -

    Only Iridium puts global satellite communications in the palm of your hand providing you with the convenience of portable or fixed communications and the ability to take care of business no matter where you are.

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  • Flightcell -

    Flightcell also design and manufacture a range of portable and panel-mounted tracking and communications systems designed to integrate satellite, cellular and audio devices into your aircraft.

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